May 10, 2010

In This Case, An Upper Boundary

MAY 9, 2010, FORT DAVIS, TX: This occurred after incredible consumption. Consumptive activities would be 100 years ago?

That wouldn't even break Confederate currency.
That's not enough. We are that far gone, I mean forward.

Nothing is further.

In this country you see the rain crossing the mountains in a solitary column. What we ran into was the fringe and the outskirts. Even though we weren't moving.

A century is to cyclists. As opposed to a Diet Coke is to cyclists. Or another day is to the cycle, as opposed to the upper boundary.

Look at two different things.
Imagine them on opposite sides of a board.
Make one side black, and the other white or red.
This is like dreaming when you are awake.
This is like ripping off a bandage but not exactly.
This is like someone else's crutch.

Not what I am. But not again.
Not this and not forward.
But more.