August 23, 2010

Blogging the Border

This thing is being squirrely and I can't finish the title, Blogging the Border... Not sure what is up with my phone. But I'll keep writing in strange places, all mobile-enabled, the best I can.

In Canada write now, but the U.S. soon. The border crawls and the time you hear about in Gaza and such makes sense. It's a different kind of time at a border crossing.

A lot to say about Canada, good times and I'll surely be back, maybe with a book or a band or who knows.

Sleeping bags
Torrential downpour
River beach
Thinking how people must get fluent in metric at some point, too
Music and music and more music, good and forgettable and eh
People from a over and kindness and fireside Canadians (the beer I mean)
Chicken and beef and peameal bacon

I see the guards up ahead

Location:Lewiston,United States