October 25, 2010

Pledge the Understanding Campaign -- just a little more than a week to go!

Help the Understanding Campaign teach the world just one word of Arabic and help breakdown a barrier that's been centuries in the making. William H. Macy, Yoko Ono, and 180 others are behind the Understanding Campaign so far... Please consider giving -- only a little more than a week to go and if they don't make their goal amount ($10k) they don't get a red cent.

Might I suggest the $25 level? It get's you a cool t-shirt. And if you are reading this blog you know you can afford it.

Already given? Maybe bump your pledge up another $10 to make sure they make it?

It's been great working with Justin, Haneen, and friends to get the Understanding Campaign off the ground.

As we worked together this summer to plan the fundraiser, people were frothing over a (not) Ground Zero (not) Mosque and a minister was threatening to burn a Koran -- to name just two illustrations of the work that remains to re-build some of the values this great country I live in was built on: cultural open-ness, religious tolerance, fairness.

We need more understanding in all kinds of directions, no doubt. But that's not a criticism of the campaign, but reinforcement of the need -- let's take one step by making the Understanding Campaign a reality, and then move forward with step after step from there.