April 20, 2011

What I Have To Do

This isn't what I have to do.

Two slats of wood in a gentle-bowed V
Banded hand-high
Banded and padded higher

Something of a plunger

Something of a stomp box would be for something of an explosion

Not here

Some ethic

Clock in and clock and clock my way forward

Never mind 37 more years, worry yourself on a day

Rearrange it all into a fad haircut

Bring A to B to receive your hidden message
Use an iron or a hair dryer or outright burn it
Sixty years later

We're saving daylight here.

To report: marketing tips, portraits, the future of this and that, a director is lost, a photographer is lost, a month left, stock prices, noise, silence, caves, 3D, accents, gas prices, food, post-its, more portraits, covers, landscapes, laughing.

Location:E Mt Vernon Pl,Baltimore,United States