July 21, 2013

There Is Some Rain

Verbs vs. title casing. Camel casing. Intestinal casing

Breeds intention. Breaded reading. Buffalo sauce.

Mean, mean, measure, better.

Mean, plan, measure, better better.

Butter churned from.

Protein in all its many forms.

Cheap and dirty chemistry labs when efficiency be damned

When the rewards are so obvious

When the timescale is so glacial

Geologic, epic, meteoric, dynastic.

Dynamic duos vs. trios vs. confused mission statements and circadian rhythms.

Vs. Autumn

Vs. gravity

Vs. the great and crushing crusher that's not quite space

The meat quite literally falls off the bone

The day pitches

Some seem crazy

Others have forgotten the sound.


Location: Swan Lake Swim Club, Baltimore, MD.