July 18, 2013

Everything to Everyone

I just don't have it for erasures right now

I have it for the firehose and the flood and the synchronous

I have it for the Collapse of Space and Time taking a look at us and saying, silly humans, this has nothing to do with singularity

I have it for a view of everything breaking down to neutrinos being anything but gray or just not giving a shit about gray

All these images in my head that aren't pictures

Strings of words and/or rhetoric and/or narrative shreads

Jokes and half-ideas and half paragraphs

I want to make some space for rabbits, so I just made some space for rabbits

Brown ones
Whites ones
Spotted ones
Those giant ones with the long fur
They are German?

Noses and then otters and then rivers and then the air

From whatever-saurs to hollow bones in how long?

It's all amazing


Location: Melvin Drive, Baltimore, MD