July 28, 2014

Todays from Now

(On John Ashbery's 87th birthday)

Not everyone gets to be John

Today I watched a movie called The Crash Reel and had previously started writing a poem called Crushing the Crush and it became just wrong

I'll try it again another day

Not everyone gets to be the fox or the crow

Not everyone is born a cat

There are things I would have another way

It's funny to think about snow in the summer

It's funny how much ice cream they eat in New England

It's funny a third thing, because that's what the form calls for

If you put form in scare quotes

Who will look back and be tired of what

Repeat, re-repeat, temple of something

Gold is good for audio components

Silver is good for dental stuff

I learned about platinum from D&D

Way more rec rooms than basements in my 80s

Like camera angles but heavier

Maps eventually and curves and triangles on triangles

Blank tricks everyone and then we overcome it

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