June 7, 2015

Whatever What Was Intended

How a bricklayer approaches a place where there's going to be a wall

All the places one may find a furrow

The times you approach a corner, better yet, the times you wonder what waits around that corner

There comes that moment when the phones you knew in your youth are gone

And so many things seem ridiculous

Have you seen what happens when hyenas get their way?

And then department stores, manual transmission, hell, internal combustion while we're making lists

YouTube videos of massive domino runs

On the horizon is gravity and old age and who knows what else

Time, time, mountains

The moon so very far away

Here comes the sun, here comes the night, here comes the sun again and the night and the sun and the night

Have you been in the harbor?

Have you seen it?

Have you walked the shore as the sun does all the things a sun can do?

When you roll up your khakis, grab wayfarers, and become President

When you roll up your sleeves and get down to work, and your hands covered in ink stains

When you take off your glasses and everything's blurry now but it's a cinematic indicator of new perspective and that moment right before inspiration

Or rubbing your temples

Or your hand on the bridge of your nose as everything falls apart around you

So much to tell every day you walk this Earth and surely long after, when you are wandering the stars and making all sorts of discoveries we'd never imagined

Location:Baltimore,United States