September 21, 2015

When Which Wiped What Flagrant

In my head "tired af" sounds like you are talking about a town like Mars, PA

I mean, I say the letters individually or I kinda feel them hovering that way somewhere between where I see them and the place that makes sounds inside my head

Which is something
And someplace I guess

The thing is, things are changing for the better even if there's gonna be some pain on the way there

Just because it's obvious that rain's gotta happen that doesn't make it tired

Predators, happen
Extinction, happens
Nighttime, flooding, earthquakes, happens, happens, happen

Pride happens and it's only Monday

Motion, mass transit, dinner time

This weekend, I took my dog out late at night to pee and I saw this family of four deer

They're all gonna die, sure

You should have seen them

Location:5th St,Bowie,United States