February 27, 2016

All The Things (That Have Been on My Mind Lately)

How much time, floods, foregrounds and forever, subjects, objects, goals, goal-line stands

I know very little about photography

The way future -- that's been on my mind a lot

There's this way a voice can cut right through you or a moment or something you see

And I've been trying to stick right in that moment

Maybe a little too much vs. maybe that's my job vs. maybe that's just what I'm supposed to be here

I've never understood how sugar in coffee could taste good, but I remember a great cup of coffee with maple syrup in it and milk before I knew I shouldn't drink that

And this guy that was into all this international lit before I got that

You know, cool and worldly and conversant in Milan Kundera and Amos Oz and the Singing Detective

And I have this story about his girlfriend

They probably all moved to New York or Amsterdam or went into the Peace Corps

What made me remember that?

So many people come and go and some of them are just gone

One more plan until I'm home

Location:Wilkinson Blvd,Charlotte,United States