March 18, 2017

I've Been Writing Everyday This Year

Less so here.

But here for instance (I don't know if that'll work).

And I've been writing more on a laptop keyboard (though I wrote all this on my phone) and not always just posting straight-to-blog like this piece I workshopped at Gin & Ink back at the beginning of the year that I had been working on for a while and submitted to Babe Press who I know have a website but I can't find it proper right now so there's their FB... and now realizing I went right from that workshop to submitting it late that night.

And I'm not going to pretend for a second that I'm getting out a ton re poetry and writing right now -- but that day was super helpful and it was a Ink Press Productions to Babe Press in 12 hours kinda day and that's all Baltimore and people being up to things. And that poem will come out in that mag along the way and it's all witchy.

And I'm working on something else for Infinity Kitchen. Also not typing-to-posting-to-here... and again that one is largely written on my laptop (but only after a bunch of failed somethings written on my phone that I'll cannibalize into something else some day).

And I've been writing a D&D module, too. A side adventure in Justin Sirois's INVERT world and playtesting it with friends which has been a blast and eye-opening and invigorating as a writer and an experience-maker. Playtesting a game puts your sense of audience as a writer on a whole different playing field. And I got to name a boat "The Loving Boulder" which might be the worst boat name ever. And embracing my inner nerd which sounds whatever, but really is tying a line back to my past where I read a lot of that stuff and didn't have a crew to play with -- I was that RPG nerd... at 8 and 10 and 14. But FTR it made me SLAY at the myth stuff whenever that floated into lit classes.

And I'm writing morning pages everyday because I believe in that, but those are private and I'd say they are "just for me" but they are barely that in the way you'd normally say that. Morning pages for me are about exercise. Like athletes staying limber. But also the way athletes learn new things about their craft when they work out or practice. (Yes, I am talking about practice, Allen.)

So I'm writing a ton right now. Even if life is busy and up to my eyes at times.

And robots are very much on my mind. And the way the world is going right now -- which has been whiplashy and then some. And the new job is still new and of course a lot of a lot.

And we did TOAST at AWP in DC and raised a bunch of money for Writers in the Baltimore Schools AND had a great time doing it and I met all kinds of great people, including a partner-in-bar tending-crime-for-the-evening Sam Slaughter. And I'm not going to namecheck everyone that made it all possible and made it wonderful so please forgive me that laziness of typing this morning.

But I'm keeping on. And I have no idea why I'm putting all this here and now.

But hey, in a couple weeks NaPoWriMo will start up again (April 1, naturally) and I'll be putting poems here everyday again, so there's that.

And would you believe me if I told you that all this was written pretty much the same way as all the poems? Except with link-looking-up.

Be well.

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