March 4, 2018

This Morning I Had a Really Awesome Line in My Head (No Power Blues)

This morning I had a really awesome line in my head
You know where this is going
I forgot it
I was taking a hot shower after being cold without power for a couple days
And phone power being conserved I didn’t just type it into my phone, which was pennywise pound foolish for sure
It was all skeptical and near-dark but in my head it was a windup to a big “But...” on the way to how wonderful life is
But also a giant tree fell on a neighbor’s house (everyone is OK)
And now they are saying our little strip of houses won’t have power until Tuesday
But everyone else got theirs back
So I guess I can go over to George and Ann’s to charge up my phone if I have to
And the fridge is going to undergo a glorious reset when the power comes back
It’ll be good to get rid of all the crap that’s been hiding in there
But I hope all the amaros are OK
Yeah, I’m not down with the word “amari”... having that many in the fridge is bad enough

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States