October 5, 2018

Chew Up the Miles

All these words, a rush of air

All these hours and all these that which what

All the souls, look at the people

What what what’s up when

What what what whether you like it

What will will what will

Call upon your people

Friends, foils, fortresses

The festered pour forth

Five senses become six become seven

You become you become bigger

Once there wasn’t a moon, they say

Do you believe it?

Once there wasn’t time or space, and then there was

And we don’t have to agree how that came to be

So many intersections and overlaps and working togethers

So many getting ons and getting alongs and getting goings

The speed of light is what it is

But only in a vacuum

Who wants any of that

Location:Wynnewood Ct,Halethorpe,United States