April 7, 2009

He May Have Visited Iraq, But I Still Crushed Obama Along With More Than 1.4 Million Other People

(In the key of HTML Giant?)

I want your first offer to be both best and last.

You’re the season’s It Girl, but I’m no It Guy.
You have vandal eyes.

Celebrating good times.
Thanks for the weather; it was feature-filled.

We lived through an evacuation, but I was a shirt and belt the poorer for it.

A couch is one couch, but a minute is rarely one minute.
That’s Mr. Gaughran-Perez to you, my friend.

And then and then and that and when.

You mugging me? You know I’ll mug you back.

I won’t wear Bond suits if the reborn bursts into flames,
And I sure won’t fend off blonde intruders if bricks do the same.

This is a sentence of average length.

I don’t care whether you show or not, just don’t tell.
It’s all writing from here.