April 22, 2009

Quick Study for a Longer Piece with Bands

The Animal Collective meets a big chicken in Leeds.
Big Star chats about its background, its work, and its approach.

The Cold War Kids wonder what picture I’m going to take next.
The Deathset embraces the recreation opportunities that make the area attractive.

The Faces worry the camera has fallen into the wrong hands.
The Killers drive me bonkers, however.

Ladyhawk embraces the F-word. No not that one.
The Most Secret Method parts ways and then returns.

Pavement ponders the last item, “Is the brain in gear?”
The Pixies dream about dancing skeletons and people leaning out to shout things at them.

Iggy Pop wishes he could speak to him.
Prince considers joining the scurrilous R_, but eventually reforms his ways.

Radiohead talks about a recent flight to Vegas.
Bruce Springsteen distracts the ref for a second.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs endanger California birds, study says.

This is what happens when the (almost) one-a-day process puts it all on display. Otherwise this would never see the light of day... or maybe I just wrote for robots without meaning to Thanks for bearing with.


Adam R said...

Oh good luck trying to make this one universal.

Jamie Perez said...

I'm guessing I'm better starting this over entirely...

Mike Scala said...


Justin Sirois said...

"The Killers drive me bonkers, however."

me too.

Jamie Perez said...

Actually... I'd call the Killers a "guilty pleasure" if I was guilty about it. ;)