November 10, 2009

I Like Working with Good People Who Work with Good People

The Humane Society

I spend my days at Threespot (more or less), and I'm going to take the rare moment to give big ups to my colleagues. Check out this super-small sampling of client launches in these past 12 months. For the record, we aren't as always-left as this little portfolio would imply. But they are all names I'm guessing you know.


If this makes you hungry, maybe you should come work with us someday. One of the mantras around the halls these days (did you start it Colgrove? is it a quote?), "Do good. Be great."

Planned Parenthood

Bragging now complete. And for the record I didn't get to make serious contributions to any of these due to commitments to other equally great clients, so it is only bragging-once-removed. Like when you talk about how a friend of yours is about to publish 2010's most important book of poetry (unless it comes out in 2009, wherein it will be 2009's most important).