June 15, 2010

Great Times at Minás & a Draft I Read

You can't tell from that picture, but the reading the Sunday before last (time goes so quickly) was well attended and well enjoyed. Thanks to Chris Toll for getting me involved, to Mark Sanders for playing emcee, and to everyone who came.

Here's a piece of a piece that I read, that's a piece of a longer piece that I'm writing, that's a draft, and that I'm sure will change a whole lot before I feel sure about it...

from June 2: There Is Subterfuge
(The Catalan Problem)


Else the content of my parents hold us in highest esteem.

The allure of travels and travesties and germane good stuff.

You don't say! A block of flavors! Did you compress the bullets with cream of air?

Hey dolts! The city is a turtle.

Conduct yourself.

Assuage the salad of your spirit! Xo

Yup yup!


Oh my armor is the spy. A real gift of the era.

Tell the turtle of time.

Some running mascara.

Holy cow, the electronic Rebels of Canada were correct.

Transmit it!

Some running mascara.