June 22, 2010

from June 4: Looking Will Change (The French Problem)

(Afternoon and evening)

Third place is just at the coast. Because I call the digits.

True dreary for us, yes.

I have the point of the sea. I have the axe. Do you want a tour?

Apart from us, you arrived true.

Excellent. My health is dire, but we can’t pay the blockade.

We gotta get a school.

No, we need to rest in the parade of foolish shit.

Tell me slow.


Cool. Got it.

I’m bored of the new calendar…now I have a figure to dance in the details.


All you have to embrace are these lips?


After the public call for encores, ok?

Gotta work certain change.


This is another draft piece I read at the reading the other week. The June writing project continues with day-by-day research and word/phrase gathering. The writing and arranging will flow from that, but not bound to the individual days.