December 6, 2010

Just Oranges (4x4)

Form “litany + 1”
Something with bruising
Is it a fight or just a display of reflexes?
The spider wants to die there.

Purple sky stories
Molding robot excerpts
Turned around in the surf
I’m thinking about everything I don’t know about you, and I feel like I’m going to be sick.

A field of flowers so big you can see it from space.
It doesn’t have to mean anything. Your call.
The life observed and marketed.
Make dance parties, not history.

Unholy rattlesnakes
The small hours of morning when anything can make sense like, “Yeah, I bet that’s how that happened.”
Coming back, but staying with an architect friend.
The last lane you’ll ever need.

Of course if you want more than just oranges, I might suggest:

(blast from the past)