February 22, 2011

That's One Way to Go

Some experts call for daily applications.
Some call for no more than 14 days.

Twenty-eight can be a magic number.
Showering can be important.

Dental hygiene is far easier to spell when you have auto-complete standing behind you.

Is math your friend?
By math, I mean equations and software and robots.
Don't be afraid.

This is an early scene and no doubt we'll encounter some mechanical chompers soon.

They are telling me that I meant "choppers," but I didn't.
They are telling me "chompers" isn't a word.
They're trying to trick me wrapped in helping me and that's how they do.
Isn't it cute?

Things have been mediated your whole life.
Don't be afraid.

And only islands are islands. Don't be afraid.

One night you dream that language isolates are gorgeous.
Another night you dream about interstates and tubes.

You get to do that day after day as long as you keep eating.
That's what it means to be part of all this.

Location:Takoma Park,United States