June 16, 2011

Every Day Seems a Little Closer Going Faster (after Mike Young... though I didn't know it when I was getting into it)

I tried today, a number of times.

There were many good things going on.

Winning isn't everything. (Thanks guys. You do cool stuff.)

You know, sometimes you are going to just plain fail. And I don't mean in the meme FAIL way or the near meme, "fail faster," way. I mean straight up, flat out fail. It's going to happen.

And when it does, if you look up the walkthrough online, you just won't feel so good when you start over.

But sometimes you are in it for the story, and that's cool, too. That's how I felt with Limbo. I just couldn't figure out those last few bits of gravity back and forth, but I didn't feel worst for it.

That might be the only time I didn't feel worse for a walkthrough.

Things are so different now.

I keep talking about how a Snickers bar used to have a little phone number on it for you to call if you weren't satisfied. And that was like it for normal people.

People like me, I mean.

You're going to lose your temper.
You're going to say things you regret.
You're going to do things you wish you hadn't done, large and small.
You're going to learn to swim, though, too.
You're going to break someone's heart.
You're heart's going to be broken.
You're going to grow up.
You're going to say that's the last time, but it won't be the last time.
You're going to look at yourself in the mirror and you're eyes are going to feel dark and you're going to be all, Really, Jamie? Really?
You're going to care for someone so deeply that you'll let go of things that you once thought defined you.
You are going to do some wild things.
You're going to have bad ideas along the way.
Please please please never stop having those bad ideas. I love them.
And I love you.
You're going to going to going to gone.
You're going to alternate between taking names first and kicking ass first, but not consistently and that might frustrate some people.
You're going to fail, remember that.
You're going to be afraid.
It's not whether you close your eyes or not, it's which direction you step in when you're eyes are closed.
You'll step to it.
It's not that you've found yourself on the floor again, it's that you're getting up.
I see you getting up.
Close your eyes.

You'll see.

Close your eyes.