June 29, 2011

A Real Beast

The real beast of this blog-inflected writing I’m doing is when you lose everything to a glitch.

It happened via app strangeness earlier this year (I’d be able to link to a post about it if I wasn’t all glitched).

This time, I saw it coming and got smart to it… I quickly grabbed a CTRL+C of the text.

But then I came over here to grab the email address I can use to post to my blog and of course I grabbed that with a CTRL+C, thereby wiping out the writing I’d “saved.”


Some mistakes are made once.

Some searches that did not give me the answers I needed:
“how to access previous cut and copies”
“how to access old copied text in windows”
“anyway to access old copied things ctrl+c”

Some mistakes are made more than once.

The wiped out writing closed with a  note that I was going to write through this cheesey sentimental something.

It was called, “I miss things (sometimes).”

It was pretty good.