September 13, 2011

I Hab, Fake It, Make Model


Time with people you know
And people
And tired

Time, The Nature of

Time, Feels Like the First

Time, Feels Like the Very First

More people you know along with people new to you
How do you think they feel?

Years pass.

Hair is shorter and then longer.

Sneakers are puffy and then square-toed and then flatter and then puffy again.

I love the sneakers I got in Philly.
I love some green in a sneaker
Or some orange.

Designers. Oh, designers.

Homer Simpson. That's pretty damn brilliant.

I have a piece of Ethiopia.
I have a piece of France.
I am a piece of America.

Like entropy for chocolate.
Like elephants
Like luge
Like the robots are at it again and it ain't even gonna rain today.

A little view makes a line less straight.

Again and again
Like a hairpin
Like a dog-leg

Bunkers and water hazards and sand traps all take day labor.

I now know acts of nature.

A really big spider ready for a rather reasonable lunch

And then there's a place to sit.

No, take it.


Be with you. And also with you.

Location:Penn St,Baltimore,United States