September 8, 2011

I AM Ready For Some Football

Thanks for stopping by.

Reminder this, reminder that.

When you're not tired, what are you?
When you're not exhausted, where are you?

Remaindered shoes

We spell colors in black, around here, and we value your opinions

Ever-forward motion and growth and some day learning that if you can go to the right then there must be some way to go to the left, if going is your thing

Light doesn't go, it decides

Seeming vs. sounds good vs. being

That feels right when that is right

Wherefore must've once meant something other than just "why," but it's been lost on me and/or to history.

In a sci-fi coming-of-age story, there are always stars.
In a British coming-of-age story there is always the Church.
In an American coming-of-age story there is always blood, and often guns.

There are still drunk drivers.
There is still heart disease.
There is still rope.

I'm working my way south.

Overpasses, ties, trees, inclement weather, stone walls, grass, brick buildings, letters, puddles, chain link, exposed roots.

Almost Baltimore.


Anonymous said...

in the german coming-of-age story, there is always a sense of disenchantment and world weariness ending in suicide.

in the french coming-of-age story, there is always a struggle between romantic passion and overarching cynicism, followed by a tender regret and the occasional sexually transmitted disease.

in my coming-of-age story, there is a circus followed by a mild headache and bouts of yodeling.


Jamie Perez said...

Les, you ain't anonymous here!

And it was your earlier kind words that
put my mind back to that phrasing place... What is it? Comparative lit? Literary comparative lit?