October 23, 2013

When You've Been in Primary So Long that You're Thinking of Skipping Secondary

You can turn to something and be all like, you consume me

Most of the liquids in my life are measured in English

I drink soda maybe once or twice a year

Tear into a box of something

Crack open a door

Shutter a window

And shutters for show

And show well in a competition somewhere

Or curb appeal

Or what's going on with wages vs. what's going on with the cost of living or inflation or cable TV

TB is viral, the flu is viral, most colds are viral

Mad cow disease? Not viral

Staph infection? Also not viral

I'm making my way to a point

Enter the talking animals and personified days of the week

Enter a painted sunset that is less painted and more a testament to where you've been till now

Enter some agrarian utopia myth

Then 21st century building materials, unimaginable populations, wildly diversifying dialects, and real breakthroughs in energy production

Eat it all up thank you

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