October 17, 2013

I Gotta Fix My Emoji on This Thing

There are boundaries to any situation

There are blunders and weaponry

There are force multipliers and all kinds of stuff, but that's not so much what I'm here to talk about

You can buy new ways of seeing because this is a time after some time in the nineteenth century and we just keep passing these skills down

Useful skills

You can buy dinner, you can buy seeds to grow food for dinner, you can make a nice dinner for your friends

Obligatory mentions of fish tacos, San Diego, beverages

You can see things from a great height -- we've inherited so many fabulous things

And there is a train in motion and so on

There is the moon passing through phases over a period of days

And faster the tides rise and fall

Blue crabs are delicious
Oysters are delicious
Shrimp are delicious

And I'm hungry right about now

There is cold metal, cold stone, and glass that is cool to the touch

There is a mug in the freezer, but I'm not home

There are awards for smart people doing smart things

Someone traipsed across England putting up all these damn fences

Someone planted apple trees

There was these giant cheetahs that we're eating fucking everyone

We were together like the continents

Life was wild

Location:Savage,United States