December 21, 2013

I Don't Remember What Woke Me Up

But it was a heart-racing / mind-racing lot of something

That I remembered for a few minutes

But that was two hours ago now and counting

I remember a dream or two a year at most

Is my prejudice against dream journal poetry some kind of jealousy

Or is it just another part of how tired all those Dali posters got on everyone's walls

Shit, I had one

But it was a strange crucifixion, not dripping clocks

(Autocorrect so changed that to "drilling clocks" but that is no doubt another story for another time and I changed it back)

I mean, I love the whole-sit-in-front-of-a-painting-with-a-spoon-in-your-hand-until-you-fall-asleep-and-when-the-spoon-hits-the-floor-and-wakes-you-up-and-you-see-the-painting-in-front-of-you,-you-are-really-seeing-it thing

And I love exquisite corpses and automatic writing all the way down to that Amherst surrealism that all the Amherst kids are doing these days (or maybe that was yesterday)

I love a lot of stuff

But I find Freud real tired

I guess that's what I'm trying to say

Don't get me wrong... When it comes to changing the world we live in my totally historically naive white guy self goes Jesus -> Darwin -> Freud -> Turing

But man is Freud tired

I promise I'll actually read him rather than about him some day

Yeah I'll probably break that promise

I'm so awake

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