December 26, 2013

The Hour of I Haven't Done Anything Good with My Life

I can already feel it slipping

To "good enough" and on its way to a more cloying "need to do better better better"

It's the hour when you see typos in old blog posts

And you aren't doing anything about them

The hour on an aging iPad looking at social crap when you know you should just read a book

You have a good book to read

And mom and dad are making mom-and-dad coffee upstairs

They've been up and about awhile

And you've just been up

Things are going to go wrong every now and then

Maybe more

You are going to think you really hit the nail on the head only to realize it was your thumb

Or worse someone else's thumb

That's what kills me enough to write trite and shitty metaphors

It's almost 2014 and 2013 was really good to me

But there is always the hour for this

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