October 5, 2014

There Is Much So Much Going On

Much so much, even if you couldn't tell. Couldn't tell it. Much.

I've got piles that are stacks.

I've got things crawling under my skin.

I've got all livestock.
I've got all livestock.

I wish I did and an escape pod.

That's a boarding call for Barbados when you're heading to New York.

Some people step back to design patterns and get all hands off with the world, and there is use in that

And I can't swing a hammer so much, but maybe I'm saying I should start

Remember that bug inside Neo?
Remember the Black Oil?
Remember all kinds of creepy crawlies. I haven't seen The Strain yet.

Remember that freaky dwarf in Phantasm? Remember that whole freaky movie.

And little things that are incredibly heavy like lead and tungsten and don't forget DU

Remember that Wikipedia happened and that was in your lifetime

Along with a bunch of other stuff

Compose some day vs. composure

Composition, conditioning, conditioner, conditions for success, context, content, constant

Flowers, flowing, forever

Ride, on, little, man, right, on

When good ceases to mean anything, and everything serves the long-view in the end, and the long-view doesn't give a fuck

And we're gonna sweat the long-view one more day and then another if we can make it

The Earth from Space vs. space from space vs. take one, I've got enough

I've got so much more

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