February 2, 2015

Explosions Exposition Expatriates

Suddenly shipwrecked


Because different shores and sandbars and circumstances

Equations of anticipation won't let us down

Too much

Almanacs came earlier, if you ask me

There are all sorts of news channels for all kinds of news because of those persistent one man's trash problems

And I'm all for it

I'm for a lot of things

Close your eyes (if you want to)

And if your friends don't dance

And hold me now

And we can, we can, we can

For days: krill

Krill krill

Krill krill krill krill krill krill krill

And then bread and oranges and all kinds of nutrition

Shift to black and white

And slow-mo

And then back

And we are here

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States