February 23, 2015

So So So Many Many Things Things Will Happen

All your favorites at the bottom of a well

Sad sad well

Happy treasures, trespassing, signature sounds

Roll it up to get it through the door

But turntables

But Halifax's own

But what else do you expect

But you drank your drink too fast

I traded lucky for magic and then magic for boredom

My feet are up, my boots are on the floor, my hat is on a chair

Get your priorities straight

It's Monday all over again

Location:Chicago O'Hare International Airport,Chicago,United States


Anonymous said...

Love your work here! Also know that those on Prose would appreciate what you are creating.

Check it out if you feel so inspired.


Keep it up!


Jamie Perez said...

Very cool, stuff, Jordan. Is there an "about" section on the site?