March 5, 2015

Beds in the Streets of London or You Have Time to Spare

I don't recall gargling broken glass before going to bed, but there you have it

All kinds of things travel through the air and signs point to that being only more the case through the 21st century

What would an exact picture be?

That strip of land on either side of our border with Canada where nobody is allowed to build stuff

Followed by an entire troupe of deaf dancers

And then more on trends

And then plus, plural, plenty, and a bunch of stars

Start start start stand by

Groups of people born around here do things and we call them local things

That strip of land all along our border with Mexico with all sorts of things -- grass, a fence, some water, checkpoints, open country

There is this thing like gravity

And nobody knows what's up with gravity in the first place

But still

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