March 29, 2015

So So So All Things

It's the second one
It's when living things accidentally sound like machines
It's all the wonders, I mean all the pessimistic ones

Everything swarms
Everything in swarms
Everything on my mind

Time for some coffee

Stories leave things out and stories end

All this existing

Things keep coming forward

Am I supposed to list them here?

You're just going to have to miss so many things because that's the way the system works

I mean time and place
I mean appointments essentially
And after that bylines

We're still building with blocks, for the most part, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that

And we're swimming in streams
Our eyes are open
Always wider

When you get the algorithms right it never ends

And then you have all this time to think about what right is

As obvious as that sounds
As obvious as deer in the backyard

And the shrubs they find so delicious

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