May 31, 2015

There Are So Many People and So Many Things

You see that it is specks in the far corner of specks all the way down

I mean that you're on the edge of this huge thing and it is on the edge of this huge thing and so on

I don't mean to be repetitive but god damn

And I think about Athena and how she sprung from Zeus's forward fully formed -- I think about that all the time

That's what a real myth looks like in our world and we cling to it

Erase the past, believe in genius

Because it is comforting even when it leaves us out -- like when people without means vote for politicians and policies that protect those with means because I'll be rich tomorrow

Who's out there gathering up all these American modern day myths into an Ovid-like single place?

Sunday is not for soapboxes, Jamie

Sunday is for soaking up all the things

Like sunshine and chores and afternoon baseball and all the work you need to get going on

Like the 350 million people in this country and the 6-something billion people around the planet

And that that is a huge percentage of all the people ever

And that surely some dinosaurs were warm blooded

And that it is always good to remember that chickens are dinosaurs

And so on

There is so much all the time

I don't have much to add to that just now

I'm reading a book about a guy that's trapped alone on Mars and trying to not die there

I mean it's a book, but I'm reading it on my phone

Because I do that a bit these days

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