August 3, 2015

It's All Practice, Now

I have a hankering for a fighter right now -- are they making any good fighters anymore?

I want something to eat, too

Something salty

And something to drink that's cold and delicious

Things really can be that simple if you let them

New keyboard? No problem

There's some perfect balance of violence and centering and perspective that keeps it all together

Why sweat the unravelling before The Unravelling? It's a disrespectful waste of these raveled times

I could tell you things about my life and my family

We could take stock of all the spaces between things and be like Oh snap!

A wall is made brick by brick if it's a brick wall

The grass here is pretty with dandelions here and there

All the ping pong balls are dented, but you'd expect that by August

The sun, the sun, the sun

Location:Nottingham Rd,Baltimore,United States