November 23, 2015

They Hate Angles, Don't They?

Nighttime in a one-room cabin buried half underground

Limestone used to be a whole bunch of alive

Gas and oil and diamond, all proof that pressure will do the darnedest things

A taste of this, a taste of that, the sun comes up, the sun goes down

When you want something different, you want

Skin, a bagel, time, fabric

Nighttime we come back to the truths we hold on to

Cats are not domesticated

The speed of light means nothing ever changes

Selves and sleeves

Windows vs. doors

Backwards into trees

Backwards into hats that seen once and then never seen again

A breadline of apologies

Hands upon hands upon heads

The tip of your tongue

So many organs

I used to be faster, I know that

I love a fireplace

Location:Quarry Rd,Dryden,United States