November 26, 2015

What Can We Do About Everything?

What do you mean matters?

Unweighted or straight ahead or sounding

Sumptuous something saunters somewhere



Predictions, predation, predestiny

Which capture is your screen capture?

Pic for pic. Precious. The Age.

Echoes on to location.

Echoes on to miles upon miles.

What would you waste?

Everything you've left behind vs. everything left behind vs. everything that's left you behind

Something of a conflicted sense of ownership

Something of gossip and hand-to-hands and where's the snow there's usually snow this time of year here

That's the thing about time

That's the thing about forever everywhere you are

All the things the glaciers did for you and they never even knew it and they never even knew you

Location:Wincanton Dr,Perinton,United States