August 18, 2020

Sketch for Portrait of Shadows in the Golden Hour

Innumerable things are not my cup of tea,

There are, there are

Staging left and right as boulevards shudder

I will not, as I’m looking

That I am, that I will, as I’m looking

Clouds over head, cups of coffee, still, as I am

The days of the week, they conspire

But it all started with a break in the middle, they tell me

Satchels full of assumption about you, about me

Are they even scales if they are lopsided?

This world you live in and everyone it was made for

Twisted like that, like these days you make it through

You’re told to think of a number, but you head is filled with swimming tests

I’m told to take a minute, and everything is suddenly golden

We are assaulted by counterfeits, you and I

We are doing our best

What do all their metaphors about Rome even matter

Streets are sinking all around us and they want to talk perspective

Keep a go-bag at hand, we’ll leave after sundown someday

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States