August 26, 2020

I’m In

What’s good vs. what’s good?

All the checkmarks in all the columns

Everything that is right about an onion

Choosing a two-way arrow to connect the clearest concepts

Meanwhile, a grab bag of aphorisms posing as a viewpoint or a conversation or a country

Or a collection of screenshots standing in for an experience you’ll always remember

Mostly, admittedly, candidly, and curt

That’s the thing about an echo

Or a period

Or an internal investigation into a matter of finances

It’s the number 1 more often than you’d think

It’s the presence of just the right number of coincidences

You can build it up from the classics or break it down from the sky

There are stars and there are seeds but we step back and they are just one thing

The stretches of space are the loneliest

Fare thee well, friends

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States