February 12, 2021

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag Is a Song that Might Mean Something to You

 I mean, who decided the north was the top half of the globe?

Massive agreements vs. truth, but who agreed and when and did you?

But also truth vs. reality and maybe that’s a story about convenience and/or everyone has to get by somehow?

Yeah yeah but far from everyone is getting by.

I can’t afford Where to begin? today, and that’s ok.

And maybe you can’t either, today, and maybe that’s ok, too.

A picture can help or pets.

A nice snowfall when you don’t have anywhere to be.

Deer tracks.

Fogged glass gifting every light you see with a burning corona even if you only have it for a quick second ahead of your world-weary-and-got-shit-to-do brain edits it back to a regular old street lamp or porchlight or whatever.

The world can tilt wildly vs. what world?

That the day is a string of decisions and you’ll decide which to make.