April 29, 2023

Together with Celery

Yeah, darkness would be sexier

Dress it all up in black

The end of the world would at least offer some tension

You think

And then you’re living through this

Climate disasters daily paired with

Mass shootings daily paired with

Lurching toward government and societal and cultural shitshow upon shitshow

And I’m just skimming off the top of the roiling stew of injustice, unfairness, absent kindness, bureaucratic inhumanity and human inhumanity

With all these convections cycling violence, closing minds, and bring the horizon way way way down low.

I hang onto stories of little kindnesses and little triumphs but at some point I feel the ratios all around me — but maybe I’m not gonna pretend I should trust one of my brains anymore than the other.

Today I feel like a big aging chassis with a little wounded woodland creature piloting it all from the inside.

That’s a little trick I play on myself to pretend this me-scaled me is somehow able to protect anything.

I do like the rain.

I do like turning leftovers from the week into a pile of breakfast tacos.

I do like coffee.

The thing about the path to enlightenment is that it sucks.

That’s another trick I play on myself. Damn it.

Thinking about the universe is some comfort.

Thinking about life after all of us. That’s some comfort. And probably just one of those ways I let myself approach life after me.

Dinosaurs became birds. People will become something strange and interesting, maybe something to do with all these robots.

Don’t forget you have a drum machine at the center of your being and that that drum machine has a soul.

Don’t forget we all depend on each other all the time, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

Don’t forget to feed your pets and be kind.