April 12, 2023

Where to Begin vs. Where We Begin

If you have this guy and he’s brandishing a folded metal chair

If you have time despite the World’s worst intentions

If the sun is rising like it always does, but this time you catch it sitting on top of the neighbor’s fenceline 

If you’re still expecting that phonecall and still hoping it never comes

Or you have the votes but lost the will

Reproach, resonance, recapitulation, reticular

That is that is that is that which

Walking the side of the road on the side of a forgotten town and wondering

Then every force will be met with its opposite

Then the wheel will do its best to keep turning

Then heat will arise and cast down all suffering

Then time will be on your side, but also everyone else’s

Zero has been a number since it was created and not one day longer

Like white horses or arrows bent on targets and a couple other things I won’t have time to share