November 2, 2023

Sanders Again

It’s jobs all the way down I mean it’s a job the sanding

Ranks come in all sizes and learning how to spell “Wednesday” does a thing to your brain that’s an important thing

We spin and we make do, yes. We catalog joys and harms. We see things repeatedly sometimes to the point of unseeing them.

I mean, governments come and go, as do their styles, their pressures, their presence.

What you pry from what, paying attention to both, the start of something.

Another year and gravity’s still with us, it’s ok, you can exhale.

Another year, another year, another.

What they say about siblings. What they say about heat death. What they say about well water.

When you get a feel for it you’ll risk forgetting something important the rest of your life.

I don’t make the rules.