November 13, 2023

What Have

Frequent floating session IPAs seize opportunity

So many how many like ten but no like six more like

Why isn’t there a White Sox Nation?

After the whole spectrum is liberated and every last field stormed and you get a season and you get a season and you get a season

We all look under our seats

Reflexes are a stemmed thing and we’ve remained trainable

All the pandas were sent back to China

And there’s a card with your name on it.


Even while so many other things are a choice and so many choices are being made right now

Tear is a choice

Lead is a choice

Cleave is a different choice

Which brings us back unexpectedly to seize and we’re down for travel

Put it up, put it up

Kit, kindling, now you’ll have them, kinder, kinder, kinder still.