March 1, 2009

Candy Karma and Soft Manifestoes

Flowers in the garbage.

Face behind a screen.

Hmmm… I wonder what the Professor is up to today?

Our glad-sashed heroine finds herself in a complex death trap.
The villain speaks a foreign tongue
And his plans remain unknown despite profuse boasting.

I waste more than you.

Set to music.

I noticed that you’ve stopped talking.

I’m getting comfortable with the problems at the room.

One man’s fruit is another man’s warning.

You’re truthing more than you used to.

Pause it.

Maintain a safe following distance.


It is trying to kill me.


Camping out in my blindspot.

I find out a la carte.

And so he spaketh to the girls

When clouds whisper rain and
Leaves turn out their soft underbellies
I’ll be heading home.

The sun’ll bring us back.

I’ll remember your name.
Tie you to a stake
While the poor get poorer.

Our certain bodies

Redundancies we love.

Fighting fire with milk.

Watching the judgement go by.

One man’s fruit is another man’s warring.

It’s a vicious circle you are driving.
Gas mileage forever blue.


Seriously still.

Our glad-sashed heroine was swallowed by a computer.

Who needs saving?


Justin Sirois said...

Let's exclusively write poems about super heroes from now on.

Jamie Perez said...

I so very agree... (and the future will be illustrated, to boot)