May 24, 2009

After Bruegel Adds Insult to Injury

Following a night of exertion, our glad-sashed Heroine slept late,  
And the professor whiled away the day spinning extended proofs for his theories of time travel.  

The Quantum Twin rolled the dice and got used to being both here and there,  
While, the Raven-Headed Interloper took an extra drive around the block.  

Constance chose not to sweat the math, and Charity wandered in a day dream.  

The Last Innocent was unconsciously avoiding stairs, televisions, and other hazards.  

The Faded Oracle wept, while the Oracle of R_ flipped through wallpaper patterns.  

We should have known the nose might break apart on re-entry.  
We let the cosmonauts down this time.  
This one had been bouncing around in my head for a week or so. Jotted notes while descending into Louisville. (I think I'd finish my first book if I could just get $10,000 in grants to spend on flights.) Brushed it up and messed with the sequencing this morning. Might have a ways to go.

Also made a lot of notes for the "Quantum Twin" piece. I still don't know if that name is right.


Ozma said...

For me it's hotels. I spend a lot of money writing in hotels.

I'll do anything if it enables my writing. I probably would fly in a plane to nowhere if it helped me to write.

Justin Sirois said...

"We should have known the nose might break apart on re-entry"