May 4, 2009

Inty, Very Dai (Skull and Stein 44)

Meant to publish this and one other skull before I left for Marfa vacation but had all this trouble getting it to come through at "actual size." More to come and much much to come about the awesome that was Marfa.

Still struggling with "Massive Destruction," the Bear and now a new piece that I wrote tons of notes on as we decended into DFW on the way out last Wednesday. A strange burst... I guess I'm still more afraid of flying (well take off and landing) than I admit front-of-mind. And so much violence in what I've been up to. Disturbing.

Previous skulls appeared in Lamination Colony (edited by Michael Kimball) recent like and not hard to find, and earlier in a bit of Unpleasant Event Schedule (edited by Daniel Nester) no longer available online.