May 7, 2009

Lightly Edited Notes for Something Like “End over End” (or... Christ, There's a Lot of Violence in My Head Lately)

April 29, 2009, I’m on a plane for the first leg of our trip to Marfa. Joe Cashiola on one side, a window onto blue sky and clouds on the other. Had written a few notes for the “Chastity Dreams…” piece that I can’t seem to get right when we began our descent into DFW. I jotted crazy-like through the entire descent. I can see the piece this will come to be some day, but haven’t found the time to make it happen. Thought the notes offered something as is.
Our Heroine tumbling end over end
This is the last time I
Pain is never
Didn’t anticipate that booby trap
Should’ve known she couldn’t trust a

The Quantum Twin fluttered in the corner of her eye

Luckily she was impervious to

(compare to ballet?)

Descriptions of the tumbling
Her coat swirling around her in the dank air of _____ port,
______ docks,
______ whatever

Spraying blood
A knot forming on her skull
Curled tight in a all around the impact
Her head thrown back, hair tracing an arc
One leg caught awkwardly under her body

Something about an animal, space leech, robot something burrowing into her

Down stairs, down a mine shaft, from a low orbit, from a plane, from the Glass Tower, from a moving car, truck, van, motorcycle
Down a hill, an embankment

At 12, at 16, at 20, at 30
Morning, noon, night, the dead of night, twilight, dawn, sunset, midnight
New moon, full moon, moons waxing and waning, harvest moons, blue moons

Screaming, silently, groaning, unconscious

Why the litanies? Preparing to end? Trying to own? To control?
Why all the violence? Don’t you know

From a car… In a car… (parallel repetition)
On a flatbed? jet ski, hang glider, boat – cigarette boat, aircraft carrier



Ozma said...

Do you really have to change this?

Does it really have to be just notes?

I love it.

Except the screaming line. I don't know why but that ones doesn't sound like it belongs there.

Jamie Perez said...

Good point on the screaming line.

And the real question, will life allow me enough time to ever change it up into something else, anyway?