July 31, 2009

Read as if July 30

As if I remembered to record a small bit of last night's band practice and share it

As if I had some delicious beer while sharing company with great folks

As if I had delicious wine and delicious conversation

As if I started to find something I can work with in the eddies and didn't immediately spit it out

As if I remembered the power of stating the obvious when you are carrying around the obvious in your head for too long and it is starting to eat little obvious-sized holes in things better left intact

As if I finished writing that song with the slow, disassembled disco beat, and repetitive monotonic bass line, and micro guitar silos and "hands were made for hand grenades and howitzers and hellfire and holocaust" and "EVERYBODY DANCE NOW" over and over

But you made progress and you are going to remind yourself that means something

Everybody dance now!
Everybody dance now!
Everybody dance now!
Everybody dance now!


JON LEE said...


JON LEE said...

BTW really enjoy this new style.

KA Gorman said...

I'm ready to dance. When will the horsemen dance together? I'd like to hear you read this one out loud.

Jamie Perez said...

I'm usually ready to dance. Kate, you're the one that's far away!