September 15, 2009

Charles Darwin reaches the Galapagos Islands

It doesn’t crush. It doesn’t hold.
I don’t want to make this seem horrible. She scanned the shelves for just the right mustard and found it. She knew her available balance. She was dressed well for the weather. It’s almost fall and the days mix from cool to too warm for a jacket and back again. She used to walk to school.

It doesn’t hold so it doesn’t crush again.
I don’t want to make this seem hopeless. She used to buy records at record stores, but does that online now. They aren’t records anymore. She has good friends and many acquaintances. Things come together, change, and then come together again. Rent is reasonable. September is my favorite month and is always followed by October. Her birthday will fall on a Tuesday.

It doesn’t crush what it doesn’t hold.
I don’t want to make this seem to be something it isn’t; but am afraid it might be.


Zuri said...

The Galapagos Islands are the most incredible living museum of evolutionary changes, with a huge variety of exotic species (birds, land animals, plants) and landscapes not seen anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

holds and breaks at the same damn time